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An Excellent Customer Service with Quality of Product, delivers reliable taste to Foodies by controlling the Recipes.

A Platform for Complete Food Management

Figs a complete solution of complex operations. It is designed with the needs of bigger operations in mind. Figs offers the ultimate product for restaurants.

The main features of Figs are as:

  • Ordering
  • Recipe and Food Costing
  • Comprehensive Inventory Control (CIC),
  • Production Management
  • Waste and Lot Tracking

Increase Productivity

Start your foodservice business today to manage in-house operations efficiently with Figs.


Create step-by-step visual guideline with Figs. It allows Chef Development by defining what exactly requires to be on the plate and making it convenient for any Kitchen to meet with standards.


Are you a growing restaurant business? Is your goal is to serve customer fast? Figs is the key to Serve Quick with our restaurant POS on Cloud-Based. It is easy to use and makes working on Tablets and PCs expedient.

Scale-out and Expandability

Figs a solution of web-based restaurant POS. It makes business easier for multi-store commerce.

  • Pulling comparison reports between different demographic locations
  • Accessing customer records
  • Making inventory transfers
  • Adding locations can be done promptly

What's more in the productss

An Excellent Customer Service with Quality of Product, delivers reliable taste to Foodies by controlling the Recipes.

Menu Costing and Recipe

Menu costing and Recipe enables you to maximize profit by making calculation of recipe cost easy.

Inventory Control

Experience perfection in the Kitchen. Calculate production cost and managed prices.

Ordering and Purchasing

Bringing in inventory in a successful operational foodservice business is a continual task. Figs sales integrations, ordering and purchasing functions and inventory management provide reliable and precise solution to compare costs .

Recipe Management

Figs provides built-in technical sheets with manage recipes and all necessary details at one place. It guarantees business continuity.

Comparative Reporting

Simply relate sales crosswise multiple locations or time periods in a single report.


Expand your restaurant business with Tablets & Web-based cloud POS. Enjoy quick billing, detailed reports, easy order management and achieve your multi-location food junctions with comfort.

More Brief about Products

Sustainability and Suitability for all Foodservice Businesses

Figs provide you a suitable software for foodservice business as well as for restaurants for single-site operations with multiple sites. Figs can handle hundreds of kitchens within the industry of food service at both institutional and commercial level. Figs is a chief provider of inventory management software to give a unique experience of making kitchen work easier within the foodservice industry.

Count and Control (Costing, Ordering, and Purchasing) instantly at One Place

The cost of food products varies regularly. To maintain the menu costing makes calculation and inventory management easy. Figs keep you alert about prices while ordering different ingredients featured on the built-in dashboard. It ensures adequate availability of different products, by labeling different items. To avoid redundancy and purchasing errors the software helps you to generate accurate sheets spontaneously collectively.

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