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We don’t design websites we create Experiences.

Contemporary Websites are all about honing User Experience & Streamlining an intuitive Interface. The trick is to capture the visitor's attention before they click away. Sleek web design will only get you so far, simplicity & comfort in the usability of a website is just as important in the long-run.


Design is only one part of what makes a website memorable in the minds of your visitors. It’s the simplicity of navigation as well as the ideal placement of website visuals and content that leaves a lasting impact


A cutting-edge website would go beyond UI and UX, to create a memorable experience. Our designers would walk a mile in the minds of your visitors and anticipate their needs before they do. This technique takes a rather intuitive approach to web design, as relevance for your visitor is the focal point.

Responsive Design

Another crucial feature a website needs is to be compatible with the variety of screen sizes available today. You can never be sure where your website will be accessed from, so it’s mandatory that your website be responsive to every user’s device.

Content Quality

What brings great design and creative UI together is the quality of content you place on your website.

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Design Development Lifecycle

1. Conceptual Design

We dive into the proposed project idea, its inspiration, and goals to best translate client vision into a measurable plan, accurately.

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The process of customizing your eCommerce Portal begins by getting a firm grasp of your Vision. The idea you have for your store will need to be broken down into different design elements and developed accordingly. Your eCommerce Portal is designed and developed so as to meet your requirements precisely, without compromise by our team of experts at 3Techno.