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July 18, 2019 marks the rollout of the all new 3techno v2.0. The new visual identity illustrates of who we are and how we do things around.

“We’re thrilled about 3techno 2.0; which we believe will bring more clarity to our vision,” says CEO Fahad Jahanzeb. “Our new identity needed to evolve to reflect our new approach that evolves around trust of our clients and employees.”

Our credo of Trusted Digital Partner has been more visible with visuals that have been used in 2.0. Trust - reliability, truth, ability, and strength to deliver, Digital - a complete digital solution provider by innovating, delivering high performance services and products, and Partner - close strategic relationship with our clients and employees. The new identity is designed to be more vibrant and helping visually a core set of our principles; reflecting the way we think - in a bold, optimistic, energetic, fresh and vibrant ways.

“A broad color palette, and an affinity for visuals shows with more clarity our all new direction.” Says Creative Head of 3techno. “The blend of blue and pink shows our companionship, approachability, faith, trust, and intelligence towards our clients and what we do for them.”


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