What is RPA?

RPA is an acronym for Robotic Process Automation; it is a machine learning-based method of automation that works to break down redundant and labor-intensive tasks into something that machines can do automatically for us, thus the term Robotic Process Automation. Robotic Process Automation works through examining and looking at the processes a human completes and then taking care of all the redundant and labor-intensive parts of that process. It is the automation of labor and replacing it with code and programs to make the process more productive and efficient, cutting off the need of unnecessary human involvement and reducing the chances of error and mistakes exponentially.


How it Works?

RPA works through two foundational aspects, CAP (Cognitive Automation Platform) and UTMS (Unified Test Management Solution). The primary purpose of the Cognitive Automation Platform is to examine how a process takes place and to show emphasis on the parts that are redundant and recurring in that said process, to be able to identify what parts of the process can be chopped down and shortened or are labor intensive and then feed this data to the Unified Test Management Solution (UTMS), the UTMS takes the information from the CAP and completes that part of the process in the most efficient and productive way possible, reducing the amount of time the process takes and automating the process more. The CAP is based on machine learning algorithms that can identify redundant tasks and emphasize them while the UTMS is based on efficiently completing tasks in a lesser amount of time, primarily built upon bot-enabled processors that can complete clear tasks easily and at very high speeds. Machine learning refers to a program or data getting more complex and learning through what it examines and sees, usually through data that it collects it is able to find recurring patterns and sequences and build more matching algorithms according to that collected data.

Outside of the technical talk, RPA works through machine learning to speed up and increase the efficiency and productivity of a process by having a machine examine the process over and over and complete the redundant tasks in a more proper and efficient manner.


RPA in Daily Life

As an example, before the common use of Robotic Process Automation, banks would need an entire group of workers constantly examining user transaction data to avoid fraud and theft, the workload was redundant and not an efficient way to track down the fraud. Since the implication of RPA, the entire process of theft prevention has become automated as the location of the transactions, the amount of currency exchanged and everything else that could be used to identify theft is given straight to an RPA-based program. This program is able to make some judgements as to if the client’s behavior is suspicious, whether they’ve been entering their pin wrong a little too many numbers of times or if they did a transaction much larger than what they normally do and this data is then sent to a human who can make the final judgment of whether the client has fallen victim to fraud or theft, the entire RPA-Based program has chopped down the workload the bank had to go through to just a small portion of what it used to be, making the entire process more efficient and convenient, requiring fewer resources and fewer humans to work.

In the professional business world, RPA-based programs are used in tasks that need a human to do the same redundant tasks over and over again, for example in means of production of a product, Robotic Process Automation can be used to give data to a machine on how to do a redundant task that a human did before, like packaging goods and containers, even things like shipment and deliveries can be done through automation and machine learning that can pick up information like the address of where the goods need to be delivered and when this information can be then forwarded automatically to whatever method of shipment is best suited for the delivery.

There are 3 widely used tools for Robotic Process Automation, their names being UiPath, BluePrism, and Automation Anywhere. These RPA tools generate processes and gather information about the tasks that you complete through the GUI (Graphic-User Interface). The tools examine the way you complete a task and require minimal information input to generate an automated shortcut method of completing the said task, this is done purely through machine learning and problem-solving methods that the RPA tools have in their arsenal, the tools create the end product of an executable code that can be run again and again to complete the task it was designed to complete as many times as it is required, it acts as a shortcut to getting the task done and needs no human intervention as it is purely based on machine learning. Although not all of these services are free, they are accessible to the public and for the common individual to use through purchase or through contacting the developers of the tools mentioned above. There are free trials that you can also get to understand the basic functions of an RPA and to understand how to work with one to complete mundane and/or repetitive tasks.


New Beginnings with 3Techno

Robotic Process Automation functions as a tool for companies to use in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of their means of production, and now that you’re well aware of how an RPA works, it is time you learn a little bit about 3Techno and all we have to offer, 3Techno will help you advance your business with automation. The reduction in resources will help you achieve sustainability, operational excellence, and competitive advantage. One of the products we offer to our business clients is Techno Financials.


The Future of Maintaining your Finances

We pride ourselves with our intimate knowledge of the digital landscape, allowing us to provide our clients with the much-needed boost they require against competitors and do it with no effort needed from the client. Techno Financials uses three visions as a basic foundation for what we do, honesty to our craft, sincerity to our clients and synergy for persistent innovation. Techno Financials acts as an exclusive cloud-based integrated business suite which covers and manages everything in your business inclusive to but not only limited to financial management, customer relationships, project management, and human capital management. The service is built to cater to every individual client’s custom needs and requirements, with the ability to integrate into third-party applications and hardware.

Our product can be run completely through an application, it is a cloud-based customizable software that can be edited and customized according to your preferred way of using it, it takes away the need for extra workforce through optimized business operations that can be done through your handheld device with immensely accurate data to reduce any chance of error that could be present. Just like any RPA, Techno Financials will reduce the cost of your operations and provide you with more resource-efficient processes and solutions, meanwhile all of this data will be recorded in a secured database, where it will stay protected and will be available for our client to access at any time they need to, as this data will all be perfectly in sync in real time with everything that happens and occurs in the business. Techno Financials will also help to create and send business reports and generate them at ease with dynamic dashboards and the presentation of data being user-friendly.

Redefining the Possibilities in Education Management

3Techno also provides a service that we call Switch. If you are the principal or part of the management of a school or any institution, Switch will help you run everything more efficiently. Switch is an RPA-based management system to take care of the main things you need to handle when managing a school or institute’s database and handling its information. Switch organizes all your data and keeps it easy to access and use for the management and staff as well as the students enrolled in your institution.

The services Switch provides can be categorized into the following modules; firstly, the admission module, that takes care of the entire process of admitting a new student from start to finish, from accepting their computerized admission form online to the interview to enrolling them in a class. There’s also the registrar module, that takes care of the student’s progress and productivity; like their achievements and scores and the subjects they have. The others are the revenue module, examination module, financial module, attendance module, and payroll module which handles all the financial aspects of the students, the tuition fees and the lab fees and everything else for which a cost needs to be covered and makes fee invoices automatically for each student as well.

Switch also includes the E-Attendance system which saves the teacher’s time by having the students use biometric data to mark their own attendance which is automatically saved in the database and recorded without the need of someone counting and naming all the students manually. There’s also includes a library module, which keeps track of all the data of the books that have been issued and are available in the library and which student issued which book and when their due date is, this module also includes books that have gone missing and a way to get books issued online for reading.

The rest of the modules include event management, facility management, system administration, web portals, the mobile application, the advance billing module with a virtual bank account, invoice generator and the pre-admission online assessment system. All of these modules take care of every part of the management their name refers to, all the way from admissions to events that could happen in your institute are all covered in an easy to maintain RPA system that works more efficiently than any human can. Switch was designed by the sole intent of making your educational management exponentially than it was and will make the entire process faster, more efficient and more productive.

These two services have been professionally designed to make your management work amazingly smooth, to reduce the workforce and give you an advantage among competitors. They have been worked on by great minds with the intent of providing you the easiest way possible in managing your resources and making your professional life easier than it ever was.

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