Fixed Asset Management System

With Techno Financial, you get access to the first fully functional, completely free asset management program. It recognizes capital work in progress, also both tangible and intangible assets. With its capability to record the asset transfer, you can also view the assets with predefined reports that include statements about your assets, incorporating factors such as their status, depreciation, maintenance, check-out times, and more.


Customized Dashboard

Techno financial Dashboards are built to provide quick insights into some of the most important business processes.


  • Asset Detailed Reports
  • FA Register
  • FA Tagging
  • FA Summary Report
  • FA Tax Reports

Asset management

  • Disposal of Assets
  • Change in Useful Life
  • Idle Assets
  • Transfer of Assets

Vendor Database Management

Techno financials handle all information on the vendors your company has onboarded and used is considered vendor data.

Pending Assets

Using Techno financials you can use Manage Pending Assets to process pending assets: Add an asset. Retire an asset.

Capital Work in Progress

  • Costs incurred to date
  • Qualify Ready to Use Asset
  • Cost Tracking


  • Asset Category
  • Depreciation/Amortization
  • Location
  • Tax & Fiscal Years
  • User Management

Digitize your Assets with Techno Financials


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3techno. All rights reserved.