Events Where 3techno Participated in 2023 Era

In 2023, 3techno took part in many key events, highlighting our dedication to innovation and teamwork. These gatherings gave us chances to connect with others in the industry, present our latest tech solutions, and build important relationships. Our active role in these events shows our commitment to staying updated and aiming for the best in technology. Let’s explore some of the main events we were a part of this year:

Top Tech Events in 2023 Where 3techno Participated

2nd SES Meetup for Entrepreneurs

In the heart of Karachi at the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, 3techno joined the 2nd SES Meetup for Entrepreneurs on 24th June. Engaging with a diverse group of business minds, we shared our insights on leveraging technology to navigate the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

SES Diplomatic Network

Come 7th September, the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi buzzed with discussions as the SES Diplomatic Network convened. At this event, 3techno underscored the pivotal role of technology in strengthening diplomatic ties and fostering international collaborations.

12th IEEEP Fair Exhibition

From 3rd to 5th October, the Expo Center in Karachi transformed into a hub of innovation during the 12th IEEEP Fair Exhibition. 3techno showcased its cutting-edge technological solutions, engaging with industry peers and enthusiasts alike, charting the future of electrical engineering.

Alibaba Cloud Hosts Gala Dinner 2023

On October 18, 2023, in Dubai, Alibaba Cloud hosted a Gala Dinner celebrating its partnerships. The event, graced by leaders from the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, spotlighted Techno Digital’s significant role within Alibaba’s network. Acknowledging Techno Digital’s commitment, Alibaba Cloud representatives praised their dedication to client satisfaction and innovative solutions, reinforcing the importance of collaboration in advancing cloud technology.

Pakistan Auto Show Exhibition

The Expo Center in Karachi witnessed the fusion of technology and automotive brilliance at the Pakistan Auto Show Exhibition. Here, 3techno emphasized the transformative impact of technology on modern-day mobility solutions and automotive advancements.

Seamless Middle East 2023 conference

3techno proudly participated in the ‘Seamless Middle East 2023’ conference held on 23-24 May 2023. This esteemed gathering provided us with an invaluable platform to engage with industry leaders, share groundbreaking insights, and further strengthen our standing at the forefront of technological innovation.

20th Pharma Asia International Exhibition & Conferences

Highlighting the convergence of technology and healthcare, 3techno participated in the 20th Pharma Asia International Exhibition & Conferences at the Expo Center in Karachi. We explored the latest innovations reshaping the pharmaceutical landscape and enhancing patient care.

17th Build Asia International Exhibition & Conferences

Addressing the infrastructural challenges and opportunities, 3techno took center stage at the 17th Build Asia International Exhibition & Conferences. Our discussions centered around tech-driven solutions propelling sustainable urban development and infrastructural advancements.

5th International Consumer Product Fair Exhibition

At the Expo Center in Karachi, the 5th International Consumer Product Fair Exhibition provided a platform for 3techno to spotlight how technology is revolutionizing consumer products. Engaging with attendees, we showcased innovations driving product design and distribution.

1st International Food And Agriculture Exhibition

Aiming to bridge technology and agriculture, 3techno participated in the 1st International Food And Agriculture Exhibition at the Expo Center in Karachi on 10th August. We delved deep into the realm of agri-tech, exploring sustainable solutions for modern farming challenges.

PNSC Chairman & CEO Rear Admiral Jawad Ahmad Visited Kati

One of the big events was when the head of PNSC, Rear Admiral Jawad Ahmad, visited Kati. It was a special day that mixed defense topics with new tech ideas. The CEO of 3techno, Fahad Jahanzeb, was also there. He talked about how modern technology can help improve things in the maritime world. Everyone was excited about the potential collaborations and what the future holds.

Gitex Global 2023

On 16th October, 3techno expanded its horizons at the Gitex Global Event hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Representing our technological prowess on an international stage, we forged connections and explored global collaborations in the tech domain.

ITCN Asia 2023

Concluding our series of engagements, 3techno marked its presence at ITCN Asia 2023 at the Expo Center in Karachi on 31st August. Amidst a congregation of tech enthusiasts, we reinforced our commitment to driving the tech narrative forward, shaping a digitally empowered future for the region.

A Message from the CEO of 3techno

The CEO of 3techno, Fahad Jahanzeb, said, ‘Reflecting on 2023, it fills me with immense pride to witness 3techno’s active participation and impactful presence in numerous key events. Our engagement in these platforms not only showcased our dedication to innovation but also reinforced our commitment to collaboration and technological excellence. I’m deeply grateful to our team for their relentless efforts and to our partners and attendees for their continuous support and engagement. As we move forward, I’m excited to announce that 3techno is gearing up to participate in all major tech events lined up for 2024. Together, we’ll continue to explore, innovate, and shape the future of technology

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