Robotic Process Automation – RPA

What is RPA?

RPA is an acronym for Robotic Process Automation. It is a machine learning-based method of automation that breaks down labor-intensive tasks into something machines can do automatically for us. Robotic Process Automation works by examining and looking at the processes a human completes and then taking care of all the redundant and labor-intensive parts of that process. It is the automation of labor and replacing it with code and programs to make the process more productive and efficient, cutting off the need for unnecessary human involvement and reducing the chances of error and mistakes exponentially.  

How an RPA Works?

RPA works through two foundational aspects, CAP (Cognitive Automation Platform) and UTMS (Unified Test Management Solution). The primary purpose of the Cognitive Automation Platform is to examine how a process takes place and to show emphasis the parts that are redundant and recurring in that said process, to be able to identify what parts of the process can be chopped down and shortened or are labor intensive and then feed this data to the Unified Test Management Solution (UTMS), the UTMS takes the information from the CAP and completes that part of the process most efficiently and productively possible, reducing the amount of time the process takes and automating the process more. Outside of the technical talk, RPA works through machine learning to speed up and increase the efficiency and productivity of a process by having a machine examine the process over and over and complete the redundant tasks more appropriately and efficiently.  

RPA in Daily Life

In the professional business world, RPA-based programs are used in tasks that need a human to do the same redundant tasks over and over again, for example, in means of production of a product; Robotic Process Automation can be used to give data to a machine on how to do a redundant task that a human did before, like packaging goods and containers, even things like shipment and deliveries can be done through automation and machine learning that can pick up information like the address of where the goods need to be delivered and when this information can be then forwarded automatically to whatever method of shipment is best suited for the delivery.

New Beginnings with 3techno

Robotic Process Automation functions as a tool for companies to use to increase the productivity and efficiency of their means of production, and now that you’re well aware of how an RPA works, it is time you learn a little bit about 3techno and all we have to offer, 3techno will help you advance your business with automation. The reduction in resources will help you achieve sustainability, operational excellence, and competitive advantage. One of the products we offer to our business clients is Techno Financials.  

The Future of Maintaining your Finances with help of RPA

Our product can be run through an application, it is a cloud-based customizable software that can be customized. It takes away the need for extra workforce through optimized business operations. The Switch is a management system based on RPA. It handles the most important aspects of administering a school or institute’s database. Switch will help you operate your school or institution more efficiently if you are the principal or part of the management team. Switch organises all of your data and makes it easy to access and utilise for your institution’s management, employees, and students.

Admission module

The services Switch can be categorized into the following modules; First, the admission module, which takes care of the entire process of admitting a new student from start to finish, from accepting their computerized admission form online to the interview to enrolling them in a class.

The registrar

The registrar module also manages the student’s progress, such as their achievements and scores and classes they are enrolled in. The others modules handle all financial aspects of the students, including fees, and anything that requires payment, and generates fee invoices for each student.


Switch also contains an E-Attendance system, which saves teachers time by having students utilise biometric data to register their attendance. It updates all this within the data base at the same time.

Library module

There also includes a library module, which keeps track of all the data of the books that have been issued and are available in the library and which student issued which book, and when their due date is. This module also includes books that have gone missing and a way to get books published online for reading. The rest of the modules include event management, facility management, system administration, web portals, the mobile application, the advanced billing module with a virtual bank account, invoice generator, and the pre-admission online assessment system. The Switch was designed with the sole intent of making your educational management exponentially more than it was and will make the entire process faster, more efficient, and more productive.

Cost Reduction

Like any RPA, Techno Financials will reduce the cost of your operations and provide you with more resource-efficient processes and solutions. This may be done using your portable device and extremely accurate data to limit the possibility of inaccuracy. Meanwhile, all of this data will be saved in a secure database, where it will be safe and accessible to our clients at any time, since this data will be ideally in real-time sync with everything that happens and transpires in the organisation. Techno Financials will also make it easier to build and transmit business reports, thanks to dynamic dashboards and user-friendly data display.

Redefining the Possibilities in Education Management

3techno also provides a service that we call Switch. If you are the principal or a member of the management team, Switch will help you run your school or institution more efficiently. Switch is an RPA-based management system that handles the most significant components of managing and processing a school or institute’s database. Switch organises all of your data and makes it easy to access and use for your school’s administration, staff, and students.

What services does switch provide?

The services Switch provides can be categorized into the following modules. From start to finish, the admission module manages the whole admissions process.  For a new student, including receiving their digital application form online, performing an interview and enrolling in the classes. The registrar module is also in charge of managing the student’s progress and output. They also automatically create fee invoices for each student. These modules include revenue, examination, finance, attendance, and payroll. All of these modules handle the management-related tasks that their names suggest. An intuitive RPA system covers any admission or event that could take place in your college. These two services were expertly created to make your management function very smoothly. to minimise the workforce and provide you a competitive advantage.

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